"Come as you are."

The world places a lot of expectations on youth these days. Kids are expected to excel in school, to join every extracurricular activity under the sun, and to be "right" about everything when nobody can seem to agree on what even is "right."

But here at the "Society of Salvation" at China Grace Christian Church, we see that Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors. We see that he forgave sins, loved his enemies, and died for us as sinners.

So who cares if you're "wrong" about something? Let's talk about it, just like Jesus did over dinner.
Who cares if you don't live up to the expectations everyone puts on you? Let's fail together and grow together, just like Jesus' disciples.

Here at the "Society of Salvation" we have Sunday School at 9:30am and worship service at 11:15am Sundays. Our youth group "Kids4Christ" (aka "KFC") also meets Friday evenings at church members' houses at 6:30 for dinner and Bible Study. We also do fun stuff and build bonds with each other, but we also learn about Christianity by talking about everything from basic Bible stories to handling complex current issues in a biblical way.

Above all, our mission is to demonstrate to everyone that God loves you and accepts you, flaws and imperfections included.

We put together this collage of art, photos, and activities to show you a little snippet of who we are. So come as you are, and join our quirky family in Christ! 


Sunday School 9:30am-11am - Downstairs hall. Breakfast included

Sunday Worship Service 11:15am - 12:15pm - Upstairs in main sanctuary. 

Friday Night Fellowship 6:30pm - 9pm - Hosted by church member families, come join us for dinner! Contact us for location.


Email us at chinagrace.youth@gmail.com

Text/SMS at (267) 640 6919